Durga Prasad Nepal

Principal / Campus Chief

Welcome to Brilliant Multiple College with the philosophy— Discover, grow and create a better future at Brilliant College: an institution with high public faith and value-based education standards demonstrated over two decades!

The College is a synonymous to the educational and professional brilliance. Affiliated to Tribhuvan University, it has made integrated efforts to address domestic and global need of quality education leading students towards their professional excellence. The success of our students in their lives is the touchstone of the institution’s commitment.

Dynamic classroom pedagogy is our core essence and strength. The faculty members are professional, dedicated and trained. They asses, analyze, diagnose and scaffold students’ learning. The students feel comfortable as well as motivated in learning process through research, group work, discussion, and presentation.

Moreover, the college offers in the job training and volunteerism opportunities to work and earn along with studies for the needy and talented students. Fundamentally, research will be an integral part of the study. The students are nurtured in such an environment where they are able to identify their inherent qualities and head them themselves to the academic and professional excellence in real life. The students learn for life rather than grades.

Present context demands the students possessing communication, collaboration, creative, critical thinking, problem solving and entrepreneurship skills which will enable them to fit in their desired professions. Brilliant college promises to advocate academic excellence inculcating these qualities in the students. Along with value-based studies, the students enjoy the varied flavor of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The activities make them mentally and physically elevated. The college has made an inbuilt system for research, workshop, and seminar along with long- and short-term professional training programs. We implant global professionalism. We believe in virtue and value-based education. Our graduates excel in leading the lives differently!

Finally, the College strives unconditionally to discover innate talent in the students, make learning so natural to grow the talent and create a better future accordingly. So, the students will feel proud of their wise decision to join the college.