Nuptse Everest Agro Tourism Institute

Nuptse Everest Agro Tourism Institute

Nuptse Everest Agro Tourism Institute has been established in 2077 B.S. in order to get involved in sustainable Agro tourism activities in Nepal. Linking agriculture with tourism to develop experiences around culture, traditions, heritage, food and wellness for which people are willing to pay is the objective of its establishment. 

Nuptse Everest Agro Tourism Institute is a model organic farms practice sustainable agriculture in Nepal, utilizing the modern techniques of farming in Nepal and produces variety of organic foods. We will never use chemical fertilizer and pesticides, birds and animals are feeding grains, grass and grazing on natural pasture. 

Nuptse Everest Agro Tourism Institute is a professional training center and it focuses on agro tourism, training, Hotel management. The attractions of Nuptse Everest Agro Tourism Institute are Tunnel Farming- Tomato, Guest house, Swimming Pool surrounded by camping tents, Tunnel farming- Organic Vegetables, Commercial Flowers (Nursery/ Garden), Fruits Nursery and Beekeeping, Agro Institute/ Lodge, Traditional village building (museum for traditional artifacts), Goat farming (sheds and pasture). If you are interested to know about organic farming training and techniques get involved with us. 

We focus on : -

1) To operate hotel and restaurant. 

2) To provide training opportunities 

     • Theoretical/ short term training in Chabahil- KTM and Night stay/ practical training in Lubhu - Lalitpur in a organic farm house

     • Short term training and TSLC in affiliation with CTEVT

3) Operate organic farm, animal husbandry, Nursery & Traditional way of building village.

Organizational Strategic Information 

DAO Reg. No:

SWC Affiliation No:



Vision: To be the leading center providing students- responsive education, farmer- responsive training and services for the development of Agriculture and Agro- industry.

Mission: The institute aims to impart a technical education in Agricultural and related areas. It also creates, integrates and shares knowledge to meet the objectives.

Goal: To provide educational opportunities to the public, helps to preserve agricultural lands and employment opportunities.

Specific Objectives

To conduct educational, business and technical programs related to hotel management, travel, tourism, with the affiliation or approval of various domestic and foreign educational organizations or bodies. 

To conduct different kinds of skillful classes related to hotel management, travel, tourism along with educational sector in order to produce skilled manpower and to reduce the rising unemployment.

To carry out work related to hotel management, travel, tourism and the market management of goods and services.

To operate hotel, restaurant, catering, canteen or its chain or other similar business services.

To carry out work related to market management of goods and services related to management, travel and tourism.

To carry out investigation, study, research, counselling service etc. related work in the current situation.

To provide investigation, research and training work related to agriculture and animal husbandry.

To conduct various types and natures of trainings, seminars, technology or business skills or national and international capacity enhance programs.

To coordinate and co-operate with government, private and co-operative bodies in Nepal or outside Nepal for the above mentioned works.

Core Values :-

Committed to sustainability, Encourage Innovation and Develop people. 


What Our Alumni Say About Us

Bibha Chalise Sharan
Branch Manager, Civil Bank Ltd., Pepsicola Branch

"I am sincerely thankful to Brilliant college which has set me up for success in corporate world and lifelong career excellence.This college with excellent faculty members and mentors help me learn and gain the skills to start a sustainable career after graduation.This has helped me discover my full potential to stand out in a crowd.Its not only a graduation college but a great learning experience. A platform to learn, grow and excel."

देवेन्द्र खतिवडा
रा.पं. द्वितीय श्रेणी, नेपाल सरकार

"न्यून शुल्कमा गुणस्तरीय शिक्षा प्रदान गर्ने सवालमा ब्रिलियन्ट कलेजले नेपालको दूरदराजमा रहेका विद्यार्थीहरूलाई समेटेको छ । प्रेरणा र प्रोत्साहनका माध्यमबाट प्रतिभा प्रस्फुटन गराउन यस कलेजले खेलेको भूमिका प्रशंसा योग्य छ । म यस कलेजको उत्पादन भएकामा आफूलाई गौरवान्वित र भाग्यशाली महसुस गर्दछु । आगामी दिनमा कलेजको उज्जवल भविष्य र उत्तरोत्तर प्रगतिको कामना गर्दछु ।"

Gajadhar Khadiwada
Section Officer, Government of Nepal

"I had a great educational exposure at Brilliant College. This institution not merely focuses on curricular sphere but also motivates to excel in different dimensions of learning. The faculties leave no stone unturned to boost the knowledge and confidence of students, keeping “students first”. In this college, you can ascertain your potential to follow your passion and the mentoring environment at Brilliant is the one you are pursuing for."

Ram Singh Saud
Senior Officer, Prime Commercial Bank Ltd.

"I feel I'm lucky to be in brilliant's few categories. This is the initial elevator to my success. Now I am here as a reflection of my collage powered by powerful education."

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