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The 10+2 program of Brilliant is affiliated to the National Examination Board (NEB), Nepal. It offers education in the Management and Humanities streams. It has expanded its academic engagement with the public and private sectors over its academic venture through structured curriculum and other ECA and CCA. It has been stimulating students’ creative and critical thinking to sharpen their moral sensitivity and overall awareness about life. It teaches, trains, guides and mentors to prepare knowledgeable citizens who would be capable of coping with the competition and challenges brought forward by the market economy and science & technology.


Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Work (BA/BASW) is a 4 year annual program of Tribhuvan University. The course curriculum is based on a framework of Foundation, Core, Applied and Practice. The course is designed to re-enforce action learning and reflective learning of students. Social work education is a holistic approach of providing knowledge base required for practice through theoretical approach, skills development and learning through simultaneous field work. It helps to embed important ethical values through exposure, supervision and continuous self-reflection. Social Work is all about identifying needs and problems of individual, groups, families and communities and helping people to meet their needs and solve problems. It is mainly concerned with changing the lives of people. Social workers can be agent of change for the people who are strongly in the need of protection, care and guidance. The practice course allows students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical field from Social Work field practicum in different community based and social organizations and social work camp. Social Work Camp is the part of curriculum that provides opportunity beyond the classroom. Students are engaged in various social projects that helps students to internalize the real world, their problems and needs. This is one of the growing fields in Nepal and anyone willing to choose careers in this field will be benefited.


BBS is a special academic program of the college. The program provides strong theoretical understanding through a diverse course of management science. It covers accounting practices, human resource management, marketing, business law and economics analysis of the business world. The college has highly experienced and dedicated faculties. It has associations with financial and corporate houses for practical training, internship and job placement. The College provides a conducive learning environment, number of ECA, workshops, group discussion to boost up competency and confidence of students. These are such noteworthy features that surely pave the way towards academic excellence.


Master in Business Studies (MBS) at Brilliant is a unique blend of courses, specified by Tribhuvan University, and capsule course comprising internship, managerial communication and research work guided by researchers of considerable renown both at home and outside. The theoretical aspect of the curriculum of MBS is sound and internationally recognized. The practical exposure is equally important in order to cope with the competitive global business environment. The college conducts project works, term paper writing, presentations, seminars and internships for the practical exposure.

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We provide training of soft skills required on student’s career

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Every departments of the college are supportive and have humble behavior ready to support any resources required




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