Opportunities and scope of BSW (Bachelor in Social Work) course in Nepal

Opportunities and scope of BSW (Bachelor in Social Work) course in Nepal

Tribhuvan University's Bachelor in Social Work, often known as Bachelor of Social Work, is a three-year yearly program. Through a theoretical approach, skill development, and learning through simultaneous field work, social work education is a holistic approach to providing the knowledge basis required for practice. Through exposure, monitoring, and ongoing self-reflection, it aids in the embedding of important ethical ideals. BSW schooling can also be effective in developing a positive attitude about work and changing an individual's personality. It is primarily concerned with transforming people's lives. For those who are in desperate need of protection, care, and guidance, social workers can be agents of change. They can help individuals solve their day-to-day problems while simultaneously advocating for the rights of children, women, and youth. This is one of Nepal's fastest-growing professions, and anyone interested in pursuing a career in this industry can benefit.

Nepal is a country in the poor world. People in Nepal are socially backward, thus this course has a lot of potential. thus that the BSW course has a good scope in Nepal Many people prefer to pursue higher education in social work by studying overseas. Those who choose to pursue higher education overseas will be eligible for scholarships from prestigious universities.

 Advocacy, broker, counselor, mediator, change agent, and researcher are six different types of social work. In these domains of social work, the country builds expertise. Graduates of the BSW program can find work in NGOs/INGOs, academia, the media (radio, television, news agencies), and research organizations. For additional study, a BSW graduate can pursue a Master of Social Work (MSW). With the increasing engagement of international nongovernmental organizations (INGO) and nongovernmental organizations (NGO) in the raising of people's lives and the country, aspirants in the field of social work are in high demand. The BSW program is designed to meet the needs of social workers and activists who fight for those good causes.

Better pay, international exposure, and stability are some of the benefits of working for an NGO or an INGO that are encouraging young Nepalese to pursue social work as a profession after a professional break. The BSW program prepares students for entry-level positions in the field of social work and for making a difference in people's lives.

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