Registration is opened for SEE Graduates!

Congratulation all the SEE gratuates-2077. During this pandemic of COVID-19, we are organizing our classes virtually. And all the resources and study materials are provided free for registered students. So hurry up!

Academic Programmes

+2 Programmes

We have faculties of Management and Humanities under the affiliation of National Education Board (NEB).

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Bachelor's Degree

It is our pleasure to run 4 years Bachelor Programme (BA, BSW & BBS) launched by Tribhuvan University.

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Master's Degree

Highly rewarding & challenging professional
4 Semester MBS course which provides you unlimited scopes in the field of management.

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Short Term Courses

We're launching Short Term Courses to develop Professional & Enterpreneur Skills

Diploma in Computer

Office Package & Graphics

House Keeping/Soft Skills

Hospitality Management

International Partnership

International Partnership for Training

Capacity Building

Training Research & Capacity Building

Our Facilities

The College offers a comprehensive range of facilities to support students to the best possible ways for their wellbeing.

Sophisticated Cafeteria

Renovated Modern Infrastructure

IT Equipped Classroom with High Speed Internet

Modern HM Kitchen

Digital Library

CCTV Surveillance

Virtual Classes by Experts

Field Work & Visit

Why Brilliant excels?

  • Unparalleled academic excellence
  • Exploring innate intelligence
  • Questioning, out of the box and higher level thinking skills
  • Redefining classroom dynamism and scaffolding learning
  • Personality and soft skills development programs
  • Adherence to lifelong learning
  • Global, corporate and professional exposure
  • Counseling, motivation and career guidance
  • Leadership and employability skills
  • Building human resource capitals
  • Exposure to national and international platforms
  • Myriad CCA and ECA integral part of learning
  • Global citizenship
  • IT and online based learning
  • National and international guests and motivational speakers
  • Empowering student through engagement
  • Ethos pathos and logos in learning
  • Students affair department

What our Students say?

Dilip Lama

Grade XI, Hotel Management

Par excellence college with student centered approaches and Friendly & Homely Environment.

Jenus Nepal

Grade XI

College which teaches trust, positivity and professionalism.

Sangita Karki

Grade, XII

The beauties of the college are motivating, friendly and caring teaching faculties.

Aashish Chaudhari

Grade, XII

It is the most sought IT equipped and academically sound college.

Rebika Shiva

Bachelor 1st Year

College with experimental and practical education in congenial academic environment.

Shashikala Dahal

Bachelor 1st Year

Above all academic excellence is the identity of the college.

Our News & Blogs

कक्षा ११ मा कुन विषय पढ्ने?

कक्षा ११ पढ्न योग्य भाग्यमानी छात्र/छात्राहरूलाई ब्रिलियन्ट कलेजको हार्दिक बधाइ ! तपाईँ भाइबहिनीहरुले एस.ई.ई. परीक्षा सकुशल उत्तीर्ण गरिसक्नुभएको छ । तपाई भाइबहिनीहरुका मुखमा हाँसो र मनमा अपार उत्साह बढेको छ अनि तपाईँ भाइबहिनीहरुलाई सगरमाथाको टुप्पामा पुगेको अनुभव भइरहेको छ एस.ई.ई. पास गर्दा ।

जगत्गुरु कोरोना भाइरसको पत्र : विश्व मानवलाई

मेरो नाम जगत्गुरु कोरोना भाइरस हो । मैले काइस्टेली संवत् २०१९ को डिसेम्बर महिनामा चीनको उहान सहरमा चमेराको कोखबाट अवतार लिएको हुँ । मलाई तपाईहरूको स्वास्थ्य अभिभावक विश्व स्वास्थ्य सङ्गठनले ‘कोभिड –१९’ नाम दिएको छ ।